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Media Relations

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Today’s Public Relations tip is about Media Relations. My favorite part of PR! ⭐️💥🎉

⭐️ The value for media relations for your organization or for an individual is visibility and credibility.

⭐️ This is earned media. This is NOT advertising.

⭐️ Media Relations is all about relationship building with journalists, producers, managing editors and editors, etc. lots of networking/connecting. It’s about trust. It’s the job of a public relations professional to build trust for your organization. It does NOT happen overnight.

⭐️Media Relations is telling your story to the audience you want to serve. Your targeted audience. This can be in a newspaper, tv, radio, blog, podcast,etc.

⭐️ You need to provide content and value to the media outlet and THEIR audience, thereby gaining credibility for your organization.

⭐️ Media Relations is part of the PR puzzle. The more visible you are, the more you are spreading your reach and building a community and relationships.

⭐️ Consistent content and messaging is key.

⭐️ Media Relations is also cost-effective. It’s cheaper than advertising.

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