January 2022

Let’s Get Real Podcast

Having a Real Voice on Social Media

August 2021

Twins Talk It Up Podcast

Put the PR in Partnership Relationship

April 2021

PRontheGO Podcast

6 Best Tweets of All Time About Public Relations

April 2021

The PR Podcast

PR is the Business of Trust with Jennifer McGinley

March/April 2021


March 2021: How to Create an Effective Media List

April 2021: 5 Ways to Prove the Value of PR to Clients or Executives

December 2020

Better Call Daddy Podcast

October 2020

Entrepreneur: E Insider, Marketing

April 2020

WASHINGTON POST: Quarentine Survival tips for extroverts and professionals – and those who live with them. By Jelena Kecmanovic

March 2020

SPINSUCKS: Professional Development for PR and Marketing Pros

S1 Episode 037 – Interview with Jennifer McGinley – Founder of JLM Strategic Communications

October 2019

Emotional Intelligence Podcast

August / September 2019

The Defiant Business Podcast: Ruthie Bowles

Ep. 1: “What is Public Relations?” with Jennifer McGinley:

Ep. 6: “How Do You Start Working with a PR Professional?” with Jennifer McGinley:

Ep. 11: “6 Months with Your PR Pro. What Now?” with Jennifer McGinley:

Ep. 16: “12 Months of Public Relations – Credibility and Relationships” with Jennifer McGinley:

Ep. 21: “New Media and DIY PR” with Jennifer McGinley:

July 2019

Momentum Millionaire Podcast

March 2019

Sometimes Digital Always Human Podcast

October 2018

SPINSUCKS: Professional Development for PR and Marketing Pros

November 2018

My Digital Publication

May 2018

The New York Post

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