10 Tips 10 Days Videos


Video 1: What is Public Relations?

💥Communicating your organization’s purpose to the community you want to serve.

Video 2: For today’s Public Relations tips I discuss Community Outreach.

💥It’s very important for new businesses or organizations to be visible in the community they serve. This can include in person interaction, as well as social media engagement.

💥When possible and appropriate, attending community meetings, speaking engagements, networking events or fundraisers, helps build awareness and credibility for your brand.

💥Leaders need to become a part of their community and help/serve others.

💥Consistency builds your brand.


Video 3: Today’s Public Relations tip is about Media Relations. My favorite part of PR! ⭐️💥🎉

⭐️ The value for media relations for your organization or for an individual is visibility and credibility.

⭐️ This is earned media. This is NOT advertising.

⭐️ Media Relations is all about relationship building with journalists, producers, managing editors and editors, etc. lots of networking/connecting. It’s about trust. It’s the job of a public relations professional to build trust for your organization. It does NOT happen overnight.

⭐️Media Relations is telling your story to the audience you want to serve. Your targeted audience. This can be in a newspaper, tv, radio, blog, podcast,etc.

⭐️ You need to provide content and value to the media outlet and THEIR audience, thereby gaining credibility for your organization.

⭐️ Media Relations is part of the PR puzzle. The more visible you are, the more you are spreading your reach and building a community and relationships.

⭐️ Consistent content and messaging is key.

⭐️ Media Relations is also cost-effective. It’s cheaper than advertising.

Video 4: Are you prepared for your media interview?
You need to be!

Today’s tip for #10tips10days is about WHY you need to prepare for a media interview.

⭐️You need to know who will interview you and a bit about their prior stories/work.

⭐️You need to know the purpose of the interview and the topic.

⭐️You need 3-5 bulletin points which include YOUR talking points to keep you on point/focused.

⭐️Practice what you will say so you are comfortable. This will help you become a credible source for future interviews.

Video 5: Here are more Public Relations Tips for you!

During a media interview:

1) If you do not want the public to know about it, do NOT say it.

2) Smile on the phone during an interview, it will come through.

3) NEVER lie to the media. Credibility is everything for you, your brand and your organization.

Video 6: Here are today’s tips!

⭐️Do not use industry jargon when speaking to the media.  Use simple words to convey your idea.

⭐️If you have nothing else to say in an interview do not babble.

⭐️Pauses are important.

⭐️ Be a good listener.  Listening is a tool. Use it.

Have a great day!

Video 7: Public Relations tips:

What is OK to say in a media interview?

💥Information that has been approved by your organization. A press release, fact sheet, bio, statistics.

💥Stay positive. Always!

💥If you do not know an answer to a question, it’s ok. Offer to get them an answer ASAP.

Have a great day! See you tomorrow!

Video 8: Today’s Tips:

💥Stay positive.

💥Do not discuss your organization’s financial information.

💥Do not discuss a competitor.

💥Be kind. Be genuine.


Thank you so much for reading and watching.

Video 9: Today’s Tips:

💥Create a plan and involve every department. Everyone needs to have the same messaging.

💥Practice the plan.

💥Designate a spokesperson.

💥Communicate the crisis to internal audience first. Shareholders, Trustees, Board of Directors, etc.

💥Create a strong collaborative relationship with your media contacts BEFORE a crisis. It’s a team effort.

💥Be honest and forthcoming with appropriate details.


Video 10: Does your Reputation matter?

#10tips10Days #10

💥Yes! Your reputation is everything for your organization.

💥You need to make sure all of your social media platforms have consistent messaging.

💥Your who, what and why need to be consistent.

💥The way your organization presents itself needs to be consistent too.

💥If you are an individual, the way you present yourself on social media, in person and your writing needs to match as well.

Thank you SO much for watching! I hope this series has helped you.

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