CourageOptional Videos

Video 1: An Introduction to CourageOptional

💥I help my clients understand where they need to be visible in order to reach their goals and to serve their audience – digitally and live.

Video 2: What is PR?

💥What is PR?
💥Why is it valuable for YOU?

Video 3: Today’s video is: Internal Communications

💥Internal Communications is all about an open line of communication.
💥Clear, consistent communication is key.

Video :4 Today’s video is: Community Outreach

💥Do you serve your community?
💥Do you help your community?

Video 5: Today’s video is: Media Outreach/Media Relations

💥Media relations is the part of public relations where building solid, honest relationships is key.

Video :6 Today’s video is: The Pure Value of Media Relations

💥What happens after your interview or media placement hits the public?

Video 7: Today’s video is: Crisis Communications

💥This is the time when you need to take your hard work on internal and external communications and combine it.
💥You can either increase your credibility level or ruin your reputation in this type of situation.

Video : 8 Today’s video is: What can YOU do?

💥In order to increase the reach for your organization you need to be sharing your story and gain visibility.
💥Amplify YOUR message/brand.

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