I’ve been helping a friend navigate the often overwhelming and  entertaining world of on-line dating. So many of the profile pictures and summaries are actually bizarre.  I recommend that everyone about to create an on-line dating profile ask a close friend for support and assistance.  Gentlemen, please do no post a shirtless selfie in your bathroom with a toilet in the background, or after a gym workout! Do you seriously think a woman would find that appealing?

Sorry…I digress.

In your professional life you must think first before putting your information out to the public.  This may include social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Face Book, Etc.) and your website.  How you present yourself defines you as an individual and your character. This includes conferences, networking, meetings and how you conduct yourself on a daily basis.  Is all of your “content” appropriate? Does it convey the message you are trying to communicate to your audience or the public? Is your messaging consistent? The buzz words for today’s business work for our personal life as well.

My friend and I have parallel conversations about her dating adventures and my struggles with being a new business owner.  For example, there is the profile picture needed for each social media outlet. There’s research needed to find the appropriate platforms to present yourself and when you do, what will the outcome be?  No views, no likes? In on-line dating or work there are endless streams of connections and learning and proving yourself.

When owning a business or when searching for love, you are thrown into the public arena which can feel very vulnerable. You must endure the critics.

Here are my thoughts on professional life, starting a business, or on-line dating too!

Put time and effort into your profiles. Have someone else evaluate it. (Dating: You’re looking for love, not a used car.)

Present your authentic self.

Be consistent.


Focus on your purpose.

Remember, you expose yourself to the possibility of rejection and ridicule in the dating or professional world.  You can handle it!

P.S: Make sure photos are up to date and appropriate (No selfies in random bathrooms!).