By definition, a Crisis is

  • A time of intense difficulty
  • A time to make a difficult decision
  • A turning point.

I like a turning point.

This was the topic I heard online for my own church on Sunday.

It was so enlightening and provided such a great perspective.

This can help give us focus.

There is only so much we can truly control.

This crisis is GIVING us the OPPORTUNITY to:

  • Be generous or selfish
  • Show our true character
  • Live with purpose
  • Make the most of our time
  • Live with intention
  • Create
  • See this situation as a gift for us to try to rest and take care of ourselves
  • Take better care of our planet
  • Spend time with family
  • Reconnect with others
  • Do service or charity work

This crisis can be an opportunity! IF you see it that way.

Do you?

Take care and Do Not Waste A Crisis.