Leadership & Customer Service is Everywhere. Just Look.

I learn so much about leadership and customer service at my gym.

I find that each instructor is essentially a leader.

Instructors are tasked with motivating a class to test limits and reach goals.

Is the instructor on time?

Is the instructor positive and engaging?

Consistent with messaging?

Does the instructor introduce him or herself at the beginning of class and say something like this? “Thank you for coming to class today.” “I’m really glad you’re here. Let’s work as a team and get this done!”

The instructor I had this morning in my spin class does everything the right way! (In my opinion.)

She is on time and ready to teach.

She is positive, engaging, collaborative.

She is consistent with her messaging and her content.

In reality. She is a true leader in my eyes.

It’s a Monday morning class.

For me to look forward to going to her class and work hard, it means she is the role model for positive change.

Leaders in any industry need to be:

  • Clear, consistent communicators
  • Encouraging to his/her team
  • Authentic

A leader IS the BRAND.

Have you learned about leadership in other settings that are helpful to your professional life? Volunteering, your child’s school, etc…? Please comment.

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