My true role models are in my own family.

Specifically, my DAD, Samuel T. McClure.

  • My father taught us to answer the phone, “McClure residence, Jennifer speaking.”  
  • He taught my brother and me to shake hands and look someone right in the eye.
  • To listen.
  • To be caring and serve others.
  • To give generously.

I began working in his office at age 15 at Georgetown University. My dad worked in Development.  I was thrilled! How many teens are excited to get up early and drive to DC in the summer? I was. I had valuable experiences.  His colleagues were amazing and worked so hard. The environment was professional, appropriate and comfortable.

I learned the importance and respect of confidential information. I read the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, conducted donor research. I learned about wealth and those who used their money for the greater good of higher education. I’m still fascinated.

Overall I learned:  

  • How to conduct myself in an office and at professional/alumni events. (I’ve been to so many NCAA Basketball games! I love college basketball.)
  • How to build true, lasting relationships.
  • The importance of accountability, work ethics & integrity.

Most importantly, I learned from my dad about doing the work you love. The experience shaped who I am today. Thank you Dad.

What childhood experience shaped who you are today?